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partitions glazed partitions

Partitioning offers a simple, quick and efficient way of dividing up your workplace into separate areas, with permanent, demountable and glazed partitions we can build a solution for any need.

we can help separate your space into different areas. Perhaps your staff would like quiet zones or separate meeting and office areas where they can discuss things in private?

We’re able to provide a huge range of partitioning systems for a variety of applications, from modern glazed partitions which create light office areas with an open plan feel or solid partition walls to add completely separate private rooms.

Demountable and glazed partitioning can be made and installed in so many different variations, you can chose any RAL colour which matches your company branding for the aluminium sections, it could be mid or full glazed partitioning, both come in either single and double glazed, acoustic or fire rated glass, integral blind and bespoke glass manifestations the options go on and on.

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